Saturday, September 17, 2011

Feelin' Groovy

Hey Yaa Friends!!!

Spring is in the air here in Buenos Aires! These purple flowers are in my courtyard and they smell incredible! I guess I will start this post saying that if at any point in time you're curious what I'm up to, you can bet with 67.8% certainty that I am somewhere on public transportation. I can also guarantee that I am shoved up against a stranger invading their privacy bubble, while awkwardly giggling as I listen to Adam Carolla or Marc Maron podcasts on my ipod. I spend a lot of time on the train and the subway, as I'm living outside the center of the city in a barrio named Villa Ballester (about 1 hr. 30 mins. away from the center). Below I will post some photos of my apartment in case you guyz want to see!

When I'm not partaking in the tonz-of-fun that is public transport, I've been spending 4 hours a day in an intensive Spanish class. When I arrived here my placement sites needed more time (about a month) until there were ready for me to work, so David and Kate (my coordinators) found me a class to keep me occupied. It is a great review of stuff that I've forgotten over the years and my professors are litruhly like balls of fiery Spanish energy and wisdom! It's really great.

When I get home from class I usually spend some time playing with my 4 year old neighbor, Eire. She is going to be such a lil diva when I'm done with her. A few days ago, I gave her a manicure and it was my most impressive manicure yet; Barbie pink nails with 3 different color polka dots! She loved it! We also like to draw things like cats and horses and she has a fascination with my umbrella, so we pretend that it's raining and sit under it. She's HILARIOUS.

Although I have not begun working during the week yet, I have been working on the weekends at a church called, Santo Sacramento. It is a companion church with the ELCA. I help out with cooking and I also help out with los ninos (the really cute lil babiezz). Most of the children that come to the church on Sundays (from 12-3) live in a neighborhood that struggles with poverty among other issues. On Sundays, the church provides everyone a meal and then there are different classes available. There are activities like guitar lessons and crochet lessons for the older kids while I hang out with the youngins. You can definitely look forward to me updating more about these awesome kids in future blog posts. No matter what language they speak or what their background is, all kids want is to be loved!!!! And I LOVE THESE Q-TEE BABIEZZZ.

My Apartment:

This is the view from my window! I can grab fresh lemons from that tree! NOMZ

This is my living room/dining room/kitchen. I converted my extra bed into a couch. Behind the dresser (brown wall) is my bed and bathroom.


NOW PLAYING: A sick cover of 'One Love' by Blue. You guyz, this is the greatest.

Dance of the Dissident Daughter: I will update with some thoughts on the book in the next post! My reading as of late has consisted of Buenos Aires travel manuals and books on Argentina. As well as plenty of stuff on the political debates happening at home. Good stuff.